Water In Balance Between Liquid And Gaseous State

water, aluminum, concrete, heater

Drops of water drip onto a heated aluminum plate on top of a concrete pedestal. The water does not evaporate immediately but dances around in beads on cushions of steam which immediately build up once a drop touches the surface. 

Armin Keplinger, Andreas Greiner, Berlin 2012


When a water droplet falls on a surface heated to over 100° it will, for a moment, hover on an aircushion of steam. The impact splits the droplet into numerous beads of water that gently circle one another in contemplation before gradually gliding together. Little by little the tiny spheres merge into a larger droplet soon to be fractured once more by the next drip: a clear, meditative moment that reoccurs again and again, enabling time to dance in a space verging on the “here and now”. 

Text by Lukas Töpfer, May 2013